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St Elisabeth's CE Primary School

St Elisabeth's CE Primary School

Church Links

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We have very strong links with our church, St Elisabeth's CE Church, which is a five minute walk from the school. On a regular basis, clergy lead collective worship in school. 

Representatives of the church have a strong guiding influence on our school’s mission and future direction, and we liaise closely with representatives of the Manchester Diocese.

As a Church School the majority of our governors are appointed by the church authorities.

St Elisabeth's Mission

St.Elisabeth’s is the Church of England Parish Church for Central Reddish, a district in Stockport.
Our aim is to honour God as we worship him, using both traditional and modern C of E forms of service; to share the good news of what Jesus Christ taught about life, God, and our relationship with him, and what he achieved for us through his death and resurrection; to offer support, spiritual or practical, to people in times of need or crisis, and in the normal routine and adventure of living; to encourage people to serve God in and through their daily lives, whether in their church activities, or in their “normal” life in work, family and community; to help people grasp more clearly the Christian understanding of life, the world and everything, through discussion and teaching