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St Elisabeth's CE Primary School

St Elisabeth's CE Primary School

Relationships and Sex Education

Below are some recommended reads:

Help Your Kids with Growing Up: A No-Nonsense Guide to Puberty and Adolescence by Robert Winston

What's Happening to Me? (Girls Edition) (Facts of Life) by Susan Meredith

What's Happening to Me?: Boy (Facts Of Life) by Alex Frith


Relationship and Sex Education coverage per year group

Below you will find information about what each year group will cover in RSE. If you would like to discuss any of the information further, please speak with your child's class teacher.


Making friends

Working in a group

How I am different/the same as other people

Year 1:

Feelings: Naming feelings; recognising own qualities;

Friends: Making new friends; Losing friends/making up; what makes a good friend?

Growing up: Belonging to different groups; Young and old; Naming body part; Needs of a baby; Being unique;

Safety: When to keep or tell a secret; Stranger danger; Saying no; Asking for help

Year 2:

Feelings: Manage feelings; Knowing things that cause different emotions; Who is special to me?

Friends: Making choices; Special people; Different types of family; Similarities and differences in people

Growing up: Naming body parts; Know that animals reproduce and young animals grow to be adults; Boys and girls can do the same things

Safety: Safe/unsafe touches; Stranger danger

Year 3:

Feelings: Recognising different feelings in themselves and others; Dealing with worries; How feelings affect friendships

Growing up: Birth fact file; How young children develop; Human life cycle stages; Naming body parts for male and female; Different types of families; Positive things about myself

Safety: Identifying dangers; Respect for others; Touching; Private parts

Year 4:

Feelings: Expressing positive and negative feelings

Friendship: Actions affect friendships; Qualities of friendship; Conflict in friendship; Making decisions; Friendship problems

Growing up: What is a grown up; Similarities and differences; Knowing that you need a male and female to reproduce (plants and animals)

Safety: Unwanted influence and pressure; Saying no; Getting help

Year 5:

Feelings: Recognising feelings; Controlling own behaviour; Seeing others points of view; Asking for help

Friends/Relationships: Qualities important to friendship and skills needed for successful relationships; Resisting peer pressure

What families provide for us; Responsibilities and expectations in families; Understanding different people’s points of view

Growing up: Body changes at puberty for boys and girls; Menstruation and periods; Personal hygiene; Names and functions of parts of male and female sex organs

Safety: Recognising risk in different situations and making judgements

Year 6:

Feelings: Strong feelings; To know our feelings and reactions affect people; Body language; Attraction and love

Friendships/Relationships: Qualities of friends; Diverse nature of families; Family values; Different views and responsibilities within a family; Why people choose to get married

Growing up: Review body changes as you grow; Personal hygiene; The emotions, fears and worries of growing up; Seeking help; Responsibilities of having a baby; Laws that protect us; Gender roles and stereotypes; How sex and relationships are portrayed in the media

Safety: Learning to recognise risk; Resisting pressures